Real estate agent marketing is hard work.

If you’re already an agent or a broker, especially a successful one, then you know that real estate agent marketing is a never ending task.  Out of sight, out of mind is a real factor in whether or not your neighbor down the street calls you when they’re thinking about listing their house this spring.

[LISTEN: Get more real estate listings with mobile wallet marketing – PODCAST EPISODE]

There are as many ways to do real estate agent marketing as there are real estate agents and brokers; it’s not a one size fits all situation.  We, of course, are biased towards the mobile wallet as a primary means of marketing and advertising, and we also suggest anything mobile as a primary method for reaching out to prospective sellers and buyers.

Without further ado, here’s the rundown of some great links you may have missed recently:

Phoenix projected as #1 housing market for 2017.

Honestly, we’ve been here before.  At least once.  Again, we might be biased since we moved our home office from California to Phoenix back in 2015.   So read it, and be your own judge.

7 Tech tips for real estate agents from a true expert.  

Ok, nearly anyone who self identifies as an expert is probably not that much of one, but we’re cutting this guy some slack since he’s from Move, Inc, and might just know his stuff.  We’re also a big believer that LinkedIn is becoming more business friendly and Facebook advertising has passed the optimum point in the curve and is now starting to draw diminished returns.

Using a multi pronged approach to reach buyers. 

Ok, aside from the guy doing the video above the fold (maybe it’s his accent?), there’s some decent reading, if short reading, here.

Walkable neighborhoods are a thing, especially for millennial prospects.  Seasonal listings are not so much a thing if you don’t live in the godforsaken frozen tundra of New England, which is set to get hammered with at least a foot of snow this week, or the frozen wasteland the Midwest presents in the winter time.  But anyway, there are some good points in the article.

That’s the wrap up for now, happy listings and may you find many buyers!