Lately, real estate agents that use a property pass as marketing collateral to sell their home, are now wanting a pass just for them and their contact information. 

The only thing better than one mobile pass… two.

One for selling homes, the other for their contact information.

Just like the lawn board or post card, with a name, phone number and your big shining face on it, a digital wallet pass as a business card delivers the that lawn board or post card experience onto a prospect’s devices.


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Make it easy to receive it as a text or by scanning a QR code – once added, it fits into iPhone’s Apple Wallet app. This app is a native Apple app so its on every single iPhone. Imagine that for a minute:  Engage all prospects with a couple of taps.

Now you’ll constantly be on your client’s phones, sending mobile updates on the lock screen of your next open house and have them add your latest property inside the Apple Wallet app.

It really is amazing tool to be passing out to your potential clients.

property listing mobile wallet pass front        $7 Digital Business Card Front


As a real estate agent, one of the priority goals with your personal brand is that your focused on selling homes and reminding them about it- directly to the lock screen gives them reason to remember you and what you can do to sell homes, when its time to sell theirs.


With each add to a potential client’s phone, creates momentum in building your own leads – major ingredient that separates top agents from others is the networking, so be sure that a digital business card has everything a client needs to get ahold of you.


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The pass has call to actions that work for clients to connect with you when their ready to sell. Until then, use the pass to connect with them. By keeping them engaged with messaging seen on the lock screen.

Property Listing Pass Back 2 Property Listing Pass Back



All held with the Apple Wallet app, top agents are branching out and double dipping by using two types of passes to network with, why are you still not using one? We can fix that, get in contact with us today!