Real Estate Broker Pass Packages

We Can Accommodate Any Sized Office

Offer your agents the opportunity to market to prospects directly through their mobile phones!


Real Estate Property Passes are the PERFECT way to keep in touch with prospective property buyers, impress potential sellers with your technology and marketing commitment, and enable multiple ways of engaging with customers (and prospective customers) –   

Trigger a lock screen notification each time you update specific property listings.  If a prospect is interested in that property/style/location/size/price range, updates are delivered to their mobile phone.

Social media presence – launch Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc from the back of the pass; this helps you create a comprehensive omnichannel marketing approach with the mobile wallet pass as the “hub” that binds the other spokes to your message

Geofencing and iBeacons offer two different location and context options for triggering offers when they’re most effective and resonate with the customers.

Geofencing is a ‘macro’ or wide area notification, based on the GPS function of the phone.  iBeacons are short range transmitters that are placed inside your open houses, office, or other physical location where you want to attract prospective buyer attention.

Once customers have added the mobile wallet coupons to their iPhone or Android, more than 90% of them will remain in the phone – ready and waiting for new offers, specials, deals, or other information.

Push notifications let your user base know when you’ve added a comparable property, have new information about the listing or want to provide something else, such as links to lenders or other service providers you receommend.

Broker Wallet Pass Packages

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Real Estate Property Passes

the monthly plan or the annual plan (yes, there’s a discount if you want to pay for a year up front).

The plans include:

  • Two different plan options – upgrade or downgrade as needed.  If you have more agents than the larger plan, we’re happy to customize an upgraded package for you
  • Four updates per pass each month – update weekly or talk to us about more aggressive scheduling and notifications
  • Unlimited pass distribution – that’s right, no limit to the number of subscribers you can acquire
  • Digital Agent Business Cards – provide each agent working in your office with a digital business card (OPTIONAL UPGRADE)

When you place an order, it takes us normally less than one business day to contact you to start creating your Real Estate Property Passes.  You’ll need to provide us with a couple of simple graphics (logo, front of pass) and your text and links for the back of the pass. 

Once we have this info from you, the average turn around time is one business day to get the first draft ready for approval or revision.

As soon as you’ve approved the initial, we’ll provide you with the QR code image and the download link, so you can start promoting your business with Real Estate Property Passes – integrate them with your mailing list, social media, search engine results, paid campaigns or open house or yard signage.