Leverage Your Real Estate Marketing Tools

As a real estate agent in the modern world, it’s likely that you’re using a number of sophisticated tools to generate and capture qualified leads —

  • Targeted Landing Pages – location specific or hyper-targeted landing pages that encourage ‘selling the lifestyle’ to prospective buyers
  • Social Media Marketing Platforms – such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter
  • List Building – email acquisition tools that feed your opt-in emails to a mail program such as ConstantContact, InfusionSoft, or SalesForce (or perhaps purchasing leads from Experian or similar database companies)
  • Search Engine MarketingPPC or auction platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing PPC, or Yahoo Bing
  • Listing Sites – utilizing ‘marketplace’ style sites such as Zillow, Trulia, HomeLight, or Realtor.com

Mobile wallet marketing – realtors, this is for you!


Direct Benefits of Mobile Wallet Marketing

  • Directly drop-in links from your landing pages to push the property pass onto the prospects smartphone.   90% of wallet passes are never deleted from the user’s phone.
  • Further reduce your lead generation costs by maintaining your position in the phone – next to the prospect’s gift cards, airline boarding passes, credit cards, and loyalty passes.
  • Enable satisfied clients to refer you to their friends, co-workers and neighbors with a single tap when they AirDrop your wallet pass from one iPhone to another.
  • Adding pass links in your email campaigns makes users 15X more likely to see your message multiple times – long after the email has been deleted or pushed to the bottom of their inbox.
  • Geofencing messages to customers near the property (or another location such as a competing real estate office) help to engage and provide useful information in a contextual manner.



  • Target your social media and search campaigns for mobile users to install the pass directly onto the phone from your ad; control the path prospects take to your landing pages or opt-ins with live links on the back of the pass.
  • Use the back of the pass to encourage social Likes and Shares for content marketing, incentivized promotions, or contests and giveaways. 
  • Direct installations via link of other apps you may leverage for marketing.
  • Use the live links on the back of the pass to notify clients of new educational material or information that you have published to your blog, website, or other online resource.
  • iBeacons used on property can extend messaging to prospects based on the version of the pass they have installed on their device.

Update Info to the Prospects Smartphone – Any Time!


Passes are adaptive, ‘living’ content machines.  

If you create and distribute passes based on property addresses, you can immediately notify all the pass holders when a property is no longer on the market – or when an offer has been made, possibly prompting a counter offer.

Once a property is out of inventory, update the pass with a similar listing in a nearby neighborhood; change the pass content to information that is useful going forward  – your contact information, any special promotions or giveaways you are running for clients who refer others to you; use the live links to direct contacts to other items of interest such as mortgage refinancing or home warranty insurance.

After a pass is installed, it’s up to you to determine how often and with what type of content updates garner the best results among your prospects and clients.  Send communications to remind users that you’re still their friendly neighborhood agent, even when they’re not in the market for a new property.

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Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass Back of Phone