Real Estate Tech That’s Simple and Cheap

Real estate tech is a topic that realtors, real estate agents, and brokers absolutely hate to discuss. 

It seems that no one in real estate sales wants to use new technology to reach out to prospective buyers and sellers, but the bottom line is those that do so are seeing a much greater number of listings and are making buyers happier, faster.

Mobile spending is increased to close to $100 million worldwide. Mobile accounts for 85% of online browsing and traffic, so it’s definitely the smartest marketing and advertising right now.

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Agents are saturated on social media, buying up address domains, sending out direct mailers – all to inform those in the neighborhood about YOUR listings

On these direct mailers are QRCodes that prospects scan from their phones to add the latest property listing. Now – from one scan – your next property listing is as easy as filling out a form making deals close faster, with direct bottom line results.

Real estate agents its as easy as filling out a form to directly engage to a mobile device. 

Taking your real estate marketing a step further by taking your own brand to mobile with a digital business card.

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Mobile Payments

Links to lead prospects to learn more about the property and call to action links to get a hold of agents – Now any prospect can call or email you about a property, any time of day with just one tap on the back of a property pass.

Property Listing Pass Phone Dialer

Realtors, agents and brokers are all constantly on their iPhone all day – just share a realtor pass with one tap to pass it along to other mobile devices.

A property pass shown above, creates added value as when your latest property listing changes, its easy as filling out a form to add your next listing for prospects to view.

The latest property pass is ready with share features to social media and other mobile devices.

Now that is real estate tech that’s simple and cheap!

Real Estate Tech That's Simple and Cheap 1

Not only that but you can add to your arsenal of real estate tech by using iBeacons to trigger the attention of prospects when an a message pops up on their lock screen. That is a mobile update going out with just using a property pass that sits inside Apple Wallet.

Mobile marketing to prospects is a dream with real estate tech thats simple and cheap expose the way your market your agent brand to engage with an effective mobile ad platform.

A mobile wallet pass is real east tech that’s simple and cheap. We turn a property pass and digital business cards into a mobile ads that engages, distributes easily with direct links.

Those real estate agents, realtors and brokers that use real estate tech  to edge out the competition are seeing bottom lines results that make buyers happier and easy to find.