Time to get to the party, agents and brokers, before you’re late and the cake is all gone. 

So of course iBeacons, geofencing and contextual notifications for real estate agents and brokers are a good idea!

We’re not the only ones that think so, and we keep telling you it’s great because it really is great.   So great, in fact, that Redfin is offering to FSBOs using their platform now.

The app will let the user pull up the house listing they’re in via a notification or with the app open, but Frey says Redfin doesn’t store any information about a house visitor’s interaction over Bluetooth. The firm measures a lot of parameters around people using its app, but didn’t want to associate location and other information together. “We felt like this isn’t for us about measuring the number of clicks, but about whether we can delight some of our customers,” she says, leaving some analytics on the table.

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Who do you know that actually uses Redfin?  Most agents and brokers hate them.  Not quite with the passion reserved for Zillow, but close to it.