UPDATED: To keep your business on track is difficult the best of times, using a mobile platform is In today’s new normal we go through the latest restaurant marketing trends are for his latest course.

During these hard time with social distancing – it take the importance of mobile to provide #distancemarketing that the restaurant industry should pivot towards in order to survive.

As part of our commitment to providing you with success, our strategies are effective and engage with your clientele to build and mange your daily marketing operations – so you can concentrate on sustaining your business.

We will go through current restaurant marketing plans as part of strategy and review it with you to be sure the right messaging using best practices and the latest digital trends.


[LISTEN NOW] Mobile coupons, loyalty and rewards programs offer restaurants the chance to engage fully with clientele.



Recently the focus of marketing strategies is shifted to mobile based ones, since we preach #mobilefirst marketing, we were eager to provide trends that we are seeing in restaurants.


When thinking mobile, it takes an app to download from the App Store or scanning a QR code for a restaurant card to popup.



At MobileWalletMarketer.com when it comes to restaurants using a restaurant cards in what ways are they using it, once its added inside Apple Wallet app.

The most popular trends are the ones working together in unison to form customer engagement directly using the mobile technologies in everyday ways. Mobile fits in with this ideology brilliantly.


[Ways Popup Restaurants Pop Up onto Mobile]


The existence of mobile devices have brought with it a way to communicate and get information to us – on the go.  hyperlocal messaging, proximity marketing, iBeacon technology – you may of heard these various terms to describe them.

Most restaurant marketers experience using messaging on the lock screen the best word-of- mouth digital marketing that they’ve come across  that provides customer engagement craving.  The daily special on the lock screen is one of our most popular trends that involves hyperlocal messaging.



To give your clientele that service level required when entering your restaurant is to give them a welcome message evoking a response while targeting engagement. These messages are hyperlocal – they happen as the passby your restaurant or nearby it, creating a call to action that tells them where they are and why they should eat at your establishment. 

Another winning trend is using geofencing around the vicinity of the restaurant to entice foot traffic to walk into your restaurant, not the one across the street.





We work with your current needs  during these times to see what best strategy works and then apply it to get the most out of your restaurant marketing campaigns. We provide a roadmap to turn your current promotions into mobile ones. Contact us just like the professor did and get your restaurant marketing on point.