Way back in the way back times, before there was much in the way of telephone, or internet, or even radio for that matter, there was the printing press.  And voila! people had personalized calling cards, engraved with their details, and left at someone’s home when they stopped to pay a call.

Calling cards were a pretty aristocratic piece of kit, the day laborers didn’t have time to go calling.

And this is one of the reasons that the business card was birthed into being – once pretty much everyone had to start day laboring and stop going around calling on their friends all day, people still needed a way to announce themselves, or to be contacted in return if no one was ‘home’.

In these new fangled times we live in, we have the beauty of internet, and mobile, and all kinds of goodies that no one even thought about in the 1700s, and seriously, it’s time to take note and get onboard with making sure that you’ve got a calling card – perhaps even a personal one that’s free of your employer.

Your business card is one of the first impressions you make with a potential employer or new business contact. In fact, I think everyone should have a personal business card. Why? With your own card, you can define yourself and not limit yourself to the company line. You can also have your personal email and mobile phone number on your own card.

I stumbled across this article the other day, and while the author is referencing paper cards (shame!), nearly all of it can be considered true for digital cards as well.  

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