Just like the rest of the world, real estate is a tough game in Saskatchewan, and for some smart realtors, the money is on drone photography and more — any sort of tools that make one listing stand out when compared to others in the same neighborhood or price range.

Saskatoon is a buyers’ market right now, and it pays to take the time to really create listings that are eye-catching.

In addition to drone photography, some agents have started using virtual tours and professionally-made videos to attract potential buyers. While “all the marketing in the world” won’t help sell an overpriced property, these tools can make one house stand out from many others, according to Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors CEO Jason Yochim. 

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Of course we’re still trying to figure out who lives in Saskatoon in January, although I’m going to bet the odds that they wonder the same thing about us living in Phoenix in August.