Mobile finally surpassed desktop usage late last year, and with things like ‘Mobilegeddon’ and AMP from Google, anyone can see that the push for mobile first is picking up steam.

Overall, 63 percent of those surveyed prefer to buy with desktops and 62 percent prefer laptops. That contrasts with just 10 percent for smartphones and 7 percent for tablets.

Smartphone and tablet preferences, understandably, are strongest for those under 40, with smartphones the more commonly used of the two. Twenty-three percent of online shoppers ages 18-29 prefer shopping on a smartphone, and one in five prefer shopping on a tablet.

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So what devices are people using when they’re doing important online things, err, when they’re shopping online?  Is everyone hitting the Buy Now button on their iPhone 5s?  Or are we still using desktop/laptop style products to pull the trigger on purchases?