Its timing – no its opportunity – actually its both!

Its developing opportunity at the right time. By creating the right message at the right time is an opportunity brands use with mobile updates. That give marketers to brand digitally right onto mobile – while at the same time have shoppers browse your retail space.


Brands use this tactic better known as Surprise and Delight marketing to build loyalty efforts and engage further reach.


Its a driving force behind many brands and products as a starting touchpoint to develop loyalty strategy. When combined with mobile first thinking the possibilities for companies, brands to create ad campaigns as mobile updates is tool that keeps on giving in your register.

Surprise and delight mobile ad campaigns gives brands a starting touchpoint onto the shopper’s journey by making it an engaged experience.


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Large brands use these tactics to build on their loyalty joins. There’s plenty of reasons why your brand, right now, should start implementing these loyalty strategies.

Mobile Wallet Marketer is a driving force behind some mobile ad campaigns that surprise and delight by providing offers to sign up for a loyalty pass and get an immediate discount right onto their device – creating two passes.

That’s right – two passes – one loyalty pass the other a mobile coupon.

Now mobile wallet passes are fluid, meaning they can be changed up for the next ad campaign, after the discount coupon is redeemed. Making it a breeze for any brand to tell their story.

A loyalty pass combined with a discount pass create gateways and touchpoint to implement any companies loyalty strategy onto mobile.






Now these experience from devices not only delight but makes story telling an experience during their shopping journey. As mentioned its both timing and opportunity with surprise and delight marketing.


Its achievable, easy to implement  – Brands are taking to surprise and delight marketing right onto mobile and with high results – its no wonder.


Create and develop mobile strategy that works with your brand – we’re here to help and talk you through it.