Everyone always asks, “where does the time go?”

Thus we find ourselves at the mid-year point, wondering whether the glass is going to turn out to be half full or half empty.

Depending on how you look at the technology trends so far this year, it might fall to either side of that equation.  We looked for a few middle of the year recaps, and a couple stood out.

Ian Blair, from Forbes – 

Apps Will Be Used For Engagement Rather Than Purchases

Apps can be a great way to drive loyalty, as they’re a perfect conduit to engage with customers. The advantage of engaged customers is more repeat buyers, which leads to a higher customer lifetime value. When companies turn one-time purchasers into repeat buyers, additional purchases will end up costing them only a third to an eighth as much.

Some of the other notables –

  1.  Apple is going to die an ugly painful death because they missed the Street expectations for one quarter out of like ten years or some other relatively forever number.
  2. Apple is not going to die an ugly painful death because they are going to take over TV.
  3. Facebook is taking over the world.
  4. Google are going to die a slow painful death because they’ve changed their name to Alphabet.

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So anyway, there’s not really much to report mid year, which is kind of odd.

You’d think that by now we would know if the VR (virtual reality) were taking off, if the mobile payments had a Goliath, or if the government was going to continue trying to force the tech companies to let them suck our personal data out of their products.

Ok, at least we know that last one is for sure.