Last week I had the pleasure of attending InmanConnect at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, CA. As a digital marketer, it was a nice change of pace to speak with REPs (real estate professionals) such as real estate agents and brokers who appreciate using technology.  To better gain referrals and move forward with the changing times where your digital brand and your services offered is used to outshine one top broker from another.

Walking the show floor at InmanConnect there are various services offered as CPMs to make it easy for the REPs to service their clients needs. A app that stood out for me was HipPocket, offering  Pre-MLS listings uploaded directly from your mobile device. It was here that I realize they’re weren’t many mobile-first platforms currently available to REPs.

I found one of the seminars had controversy attached to it was a la carte service vs. full service. A seminar where at the start of it, I heard some rumblings of it; just a pitch for Redfin(which is was not).

A seminar at InmanConnect turned into a powerful discussion of how technology is changing and with it services offered, as Redfin and Zillow, in place that sellers don’t want to pay for a full commission and only need REPs for some functions and not others.

New startups as SoloPro offered a platform for these pay per use services meeting with disapproval by the audience. Leading to a fine debate between liability and data-ownership,  afterward carried over to the Xome lobby bar over drinks.  All in the battle of whose referral is it in the first place.

As technology has allowed REPs to brand themselves in the digital world through social media platforms and video first mentality is that

The REPs at InmanConnect made it clear that they’re ready to embrace technology to mobile-first thinking.

I know I saw plenty in the audience using their iPhones when they weren’t charging them.  One discussion panel at InmanConnect, discusses digital branding using methods as recording a video of yourself from an iPhone6+ to push out to clients or by having your listing in a pass directly onto your digital wallet.

A seller’s listing displayed on a mobile device without the use of an app had a warm receiving. In fact, its mobile wallet technology from the two giants Apple’s Wallet and Google Wallet takes a seller’s listing and puts it directly into your prospects smartphone. Take a look below as this property listing created using mobile wallet technology for real estate agents that lead you to an easy referral simply by transferring the pass from one to another:


InmanConnect Demo seller’s listing with Mobile Wallet Marketing


InmanConnect Demo seller’s listing with Mobile Wallet Marketing

Swapping out your listing once the sold sign is up easy to do with Mobile Wallet Marketing for REPs. Unlike that produced video that isn’t receiving more clicks to it.

Seller’s listings in a mobile wallet allows you to engage with your prospects enabling long tail relations with your client base.

Top brokers already using this are pleased with the control over the inventory in their system, all while keeping the data for themselves while continuing the continuity of their branding efforts.

Viral marketing techniques from tech savvy REPs is a how Kenny Truong gets his referrals. He’s been active the last couple of years in the industry being recognized as a leader in branding himself using #FASTAGENT with social media platforms. Congratulations to him winning the most Innovative Real Estate Agent at the Inman Innovator Awards.

The last few days InmanConnect there was a great energy, lively conversation with REPs who want to adapt with Real Estate mobile technology making it easier for you to impress your broker by connecting with clients to get that next referral. For more information on Real Estate Agent Marketing tools to start distributing your seller’s listing pass with Mobile Wallet Marketing: