Smartphones are changing the way we live; as personal assistants they’ve become an invaluable tool for us.

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We’re able to engage and communicate in ways we’ve never thought of before. As the digital age is transforming how we communicate, I still see paper business cards being passed around from one person to another. But what if there was a way to pass business cards around in a digital format without installing an app that only gets buried in a phone? Well, there is a way – by using a digital business card thats easily installed inside of Apple Wallet.

A digital business card has the same importance of a paper one. It conveys a lasting impression of who you are and what you do, usually on a professional level. Unlike it paper predecessors, it can change and update when you do. There’s no need on spending money again on a new stack of business cards because of an address or phone number change. A digital business card is a fluid-relations tool meaning you can engage and communicate directly to your prospects phone.

With our $17 digital business card special going on right now, here are a few tips to help you leverage your relationships:

  • Your digital business card is an integral part of your brand or corporate identity strategy. It should follow the same graphics standards as the rest of your marketing collateral
  • Your digital business card communicates more than just your contact information. Make sure that your card includes a tag line that explains what you or your company do. Each time you update it, your prospects will notice it on their lock screen.
  • Hand out your card or share it by passing it around – phone to phone with a QR code. It will go right into your prospects mobile wallet and in turn they can pass it on forming a chain.

Keep all the information in your business card current. If you changed address or phone number, don’t scratch the old number and write down the new one by hand; just update it on the card.

  • Engage with your prospects by keeping your current contact number and email address or physical address with direct links right on it
  • Keeping your digital business card with you at all times is the same as keeping your phone with you all times, which is what you already do.  Its easy to find in Apple Wallet with a couple of taps when attending trade shows or conferences. No need to keep a stack in your car, in your house or office.
  • Don’t give your business card too quickly. It may be perceived as pushy. Try to establish a conversation with your prospect first. For example, ask them what do they do. That will usually prompt them to give you their card. That is the perfect moment to share yours by having the users scan your QR code.

When you have something to say, don’t forget to update the digital business card. The message will appear directly on the lock screen  – reminding your prospects of who you are. This works for people in all industries, no matter what product or service you’re providing – the $17 digital business card will work! Did I mention that its only $17 – really it is. What do you have to lose?