This last year, there’s a lot of changes in how top agents get leads in the digital world.  Social media had a big shake up with the way ads are served to the user.


These changes affect how you brand yourself and change the real estate agents’ marketing landscape.


And it’s not just the way Facebook has changed their news feed, its Zillow changing its MLS policies and launching new tools to serve home buyers with their instant offer tool.


Google’s changed the way video and local search are served making  it harder to rank higher with an agent’s branded site.


Top agents, especially those with  an already long leads list, can easily adapt to constant changes but for those agents who are still building their brand, it takes more than social media to make or break it,  – it takes a mobile channel to be fully effective.


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And as a smart agent, knows it take a strong mobile presence to succeed, no matter what is thrown at you.

The cat is out of the bag – top agents use a mobile channel to communicate and engage with their prospects.


They do this on mobile using a property pass to their lead prospects. A pass is stored inside an Apple Wallet app – alongside your credit cards, and it delivers the same information a business card would, with contact information as name, number and email.


In fact – top agents think of it as a minihub for all the CTAs and social media sharing, delivering the best way for prospective leads to stay in the know.



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What else does a property pass do?


A property pass provides the listing onto mobile so leads know exactly which property your selling – Give the an experience to remember with reminders of open house times, property details, social shares and CTAs (as we mentioned above).


Engage with prospects, build relationships all with a mobile channel that lead prospects want to experience in today’s market.


Not only that, leads want to hear from you and top agents know it, now you know it too. Smart agents if you haven’t jumped onto using mobile, you are limiting your reach and underperforming, it’s time to produce instead.