As a real estate agent it takes being bold and continually branding yourself


Today’s top agents are tech savvy and use tools that work to promote themselves as cool, slick and modern.

These are the same top agents that are consistent, market their properties well by using video tours on various methods as social media and mobile.

And they’re doing it at a time where it surprises and delights clients.

This isn’t coincidence, for years its a strategy that top agents have developed by using various channels to brand themselves.



Surprise and delight typically requires a lot of different things to come together the right way,

Rick Ducey, managing director at consulting firm BIA/Kelsey.

sending the right message at the right time –


Mobile marketing strategies work well to surprise and delight their clients when top agents offer a salutation message to clients right as they walk into an Open House.



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Saluations as “Welcome” or “Howdy” notifications are on the lock screen right beside Pinterest, Twitter, reminders- just as an example.

Many of our agent clients find that its absolutely the best route to notify clients successfully is with mobile updates.

More than salutations, top agents strategize on just what should be pushed out to clients. Most simply use it the way they would during the property pitch to educate prospects of the properties features. The bells and whistles of some new builds or renovated homes can be seen with mobile updates they now can be told when walking through the home.


That using a surprise and delight strategy through a mobile channel is easy to set up, makes top agents be tech savvy and keeps them on brand point during open houses.


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Its time to take your brand strategy and turn into a success like other top agents do, to be the competition that they never saw coming.


We have a property mobile pass template all ready to go and takes only a few minutes to upload your personal brand and property details to us, to create your own branded property pass.  Along with our special for a $17 digital business card with your brand and face right on the pass – clients and prospects will be glad to close the sale with you!


We’re happy to chat with you about it anytime to get your personal brand being seen on mobile and land those properties to use strategies and mobile channels that surprise and delight.