As it happens every year end, there are a plethora of predictions and possibilities put up as the next big thing in nearly every industry, and real estate marketing is no exception. 

, so you can catch all the big ideas and marketing efforts you might consider for your 2016 efforts.  Some are pretty good (in our humble opinion), some are ok, and some are downright funny.  We’ll leave it to you to pick those gems out of the jewel box, though  😉

In the interest of some fun, there are basically two opposite predictions in the SnApp and Home Buying Institute predictions, so you’ll be sure to want to read them both.

We’re going to save our thoughts on what’s most likely to happen in the upcoming year for our last blog post of 2015, so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.

In the meantime, we’ll keep saying this – mobile is going to drive all marketing (ok, maybe not all but so very nearly that we’re comfortable using the phrase) for the next few years, across nearly every vertical and in every level of affluence and development.

So…  if you need some help figuring out what the most simple and effective way to get started with mobile marketing is – here’s some help, just click and you’re there!