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Trade show producers, event organizers, venue management and exhibitors know that there is no more effective real time communication platform than mobile wallet marketing to create trade show passes, event tickets, and other time or location sensitive materials.

Create event tickets using mobile wallet marketing passes and 90% of your installed pass holders will still have their pass (ready and waiting) in their phone after the event is over, giving you the opportunity to send additional educational, informational or marketing materials to them.

What does this mean?  It means that for a full year from the time you start using mobile wallet passes to promote your event and manage traffic flow, you have the opportunity to message and market to attendees, regardless of where they are, and without waiting for them to open an email or pick up snail mail from their mailbox.

Mobile wallet marketing passes and events go hand in hand…  or phone in hand, as we like to say.

Mobile wallet passes have an events ticket template – attach geofencing or iBeacon locations (as many as ten each) to a pass and get a handle on your traffic flow.

Have a scavenger hunt or other fun and easy activity that encourages attendees to interact with vendors, watch a presentation for clues, or visit a certain number of exhibitor booths in order to win a prize.

Offer top level sponsors the opportunity to participate in iBeacon or geofencing notifications and present their offers to attendees near their booths

Daisy chain pass installs (request that a user adds an additional pass) to use partner or advocate marketing for alternative or complementary products

Use push notification functions to alert attendees when there are changes to scheduling or location of presentations

In a nutshell, mobile wallet marketing enables you to connect with your customers and prospects, using their mobile phone.   You can:

  • Send messages via push notification – “We have a great deal on Product M today!  Check it out!”
  • Send messages via geofencing or iBeacons – “Hey, stop in and check out this great deal” or “We’re in booth 763 here at Greatfest”
  • Keep current or prospective customers up to date with your marketing or educational efforts – “Check out the new Tommy Chong podcast update”
  • Issue tickets to events and remind attendees to show up – “Don’t forget that we’re having a Customer Appreciation Event on Friday evening at 7 pm”
  • Give users coupons, discounts, or other members only deals – “Bring this pass in to receive a 20% discount on new course enrollments this week”

Messages are sent to the lock screen of the users iPhone (via the Wallet app) or Android (via a third party wallet app), and both sides can be viewed without unlocking the phone.  Pass links cannot be tapped unless the user opens the Wallet app.  

Passes are updated in real time with lock screen notifications, geofencing, iBeacons, and time relevant push notifications.   Every iPhone owner already has Apple Wallet installed, it’s part of the iOS operating system.  Android users can select from a number of compatible wallet apps at the Google Play Store.

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