In a move that’s likely left Stripe feeling a bit like a jilted bride, Twitter has decided to redeploy the dev team for the Buy button.

You might be sitting here reading this, thinking, “who cares, it’s Twitter”, and you could likely be right.  Is the problem Twitter?  Or is the problem Stripe’s idea to enable payments directly from social UI?

The Drum says – 

“People are not buying on social media right now. They are still buying, for the most part, on mobile web,” a source familiar with Twitter’s commerce team’s inner workings told BuzzFeed News. Another source confirmed that Dorsey is keen to streamline Twitter before diving into other projects, noting: “The innovative, experimental ‘could, should, might happen in a year or two years’ stuff is completely shut down at Twitter.”

And then Re Code has a bit more – 

“We’ve always said that Relay is a future bet and would have a long time horizon,” a Stripe spokeswoman said in a statement. “We’re happy with where the product is today, and are excited to be working with new applications, new retailers and new technology partners signed over the past few months.”

I suppose we could have wrapped this into our mid-year tech recap article from earlier in the week, but it’s so much more fun to poke at Twitter the old fashioned way  😉