Unless you’re living under a rock, then you know that last week was THE week for Austin TX to become an overpopulated tech tourist mecca…  and then POTUS showed up and the traffic snarls got even worse.

SXSW is kind of like CES, it’s neat the first time or two but after that it’s not as much fun as a barrel of monkeys (in our humble opinion), so we’re perfectly content to tell you what everyone that did go has to say about it  😉

This TechCrunch article identifies 5 trends that are big, and gives a quick synopsis on why they are big.   We, of course, like #5 –

5. Connected everything

From panels discussing connected hardware to events showcasing the car as a new marketplace and the countless wearables and IOT-based devices to be showcased on the conference floor, connectivity and streamlining a consumer’s ability to interact with technology is on full display.

Read the rest of the article at the source by clicking here. 

If you haven’t tried SXSW and you’re a techophile who happens to like live music, start looking for a place to stay next year and make the trip out.