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Using Mobile Apps to Connect with Clients

In order to be a successful promoter, vip host or concierge today, you MUST take advantage of all the available technology – and you SHOULD provide your clients with the best options.  Some technology, however, is more valuable and offers an immediate benefit – like the nightclub promoter app.

Recognizing the lifestyle choices of your target market (on the go, like to be kept in the loop, etc) is the first, and likely most important, step in determining what your target responds to, and how you can generate more interest in your venues and services to create long term customer relationships. 

FACT: Your prospects probably have a smartphone.  182 million US consumers have smartphones.  

FACT: Top club promoters, concierges and vip hosts have significantly more contact with their customers using mobile wallet marketing. 

I keep my clients in the loop on iPhone – they love it, it takes me about ten minutes each week to do updates for everyone! WIN WIN!

Josh R

Dallas, Nightclub Events Coordinator

Create a Pass in Minutes

Create a pass for an event, send out upcoming schedules, or to promote other services that you offer prospective clients.

Show prospective clients their iPhone pass as part of your services and get more referrals when existing clients see how easy it is to share with friends, co-workers and others!

Drop Quickly into iPhone

Passes drop into iPhone with two clicks – using Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook), so every iPhone is compatible WITHOUT the user downloading an additional app!

Add the URL to digital collateral – event websites, other web pages, social media, search engines, landing pages or blogs.  Add the QR code to your printed materials for rapid scanning.

Easily Update Passes

Transform a pass into new material with just a few clicks – update an event, add new info, swap out an old offer for a new one in just minutes, then push the notification to interested buyers and agents.

Passes remain in the iPhone until the user deletes them, and will travel from one iPhone to another via the cloud.

iBeacons & Geo-Fencing

Add geo-location notifications and prospects will receive your message when they drive or walk by the event location.  Use iBeacons at events for additional messaging options.

Passes update to the lock screen in real time to let prospects know when there’s a status change on something they like, such as extended hours or drink specials.

Maria D, Concierge, San Francisco uses nightclub promoter app

Using this app to keep my guests updated with fresh information about what’s happening in the city on a weekly basis helps to build my repeat and referral business like nothing else!

Maria D

Concierge, San Francisco

What makes a successful host, promoter or concierge?

We looked at 25 of the best hosts, concierges, and promoters in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  We noticed a few things that they were all doing in common

  • Making contact with their clients at least once each week, even if the client wasn’t in town (or coming to town)
  • Sending clients other information that was helpful (event notices from other cities, deals on flights, etc)
  • Taking the time to make sure the clients felt special
  • Offering opportunities that weren’t necessarily related to their venue (one Vegas VIP host sent a clients family skiing)
  • Asking for feedback from clients, and constantly updating their profiles to make sure they were sending well targeted messages and information

In today’s rapidly changing world, successful vip hosts, concierges, and promoters MUST learn to harness new technologies and craft a message that resonates with the consumer.  

Apple Watch for Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools

The Internet is Eating the World…

With today’s explosion of new technology, service industry professionals are finding the need to adapt to new technologies and implement them quickly and efficiently.

Kim Stuart, one of the co-founders of this site, recently updated her personal blog with this entry –

Obviously there are promoters who do a GREAT job of providing service, but there is so much more to it than that in the current technological landscape.

Throwing up a website that has a few pictures and a link on social media with some boring posts is NO LONGER ENOUGH.  Getting a bargain basement site design that incorporates a bad design doesn’t work either.

The best nightclub promoter apps and websites are already out of date if they do not contain a responsive, mobile element (and Google knows this).

Mobile engagement, specifically mobile customer engagement is not the wave of the future.  It is the way it must be done today.  Right now, your clients are using their iPhone or Android, or perhaps their iPad — while they are driving around in their car, trying to figure out what to do this weekend.

The best promotions and services web sites have continuity across the desktop/laptop and with smartphones, tablets, and yes, wearables, like the Apple Watch.

Contextual messaging – this should be the first priority when looking for service industry marketing platforms.  Are you able to determine where a prospect is and send relevant messages to their iPhone or iPad while they are out and about?  Can you suggest alternate events in their price range, that are easily accessible, once they have left their home or your office?  Are you able to push relevant information about an event while they are standing in their outside the venue?

Solid promoter, concierge and VIP host marketing strategies must include this ability.  If not, prospects will make a connection with another professional who can do this, and they will end up stealing your client.

Referrals are simple – two taps on my iPhone, and two taps on yours!  Passes can be shared with an unlimited number of people, using AirDrop, email, Messages, and more.  Remember, EVERY iPhone running iOS6 or higher is Wallet (formerly Passbook) compatible while you’re reading this –
Scan the QR Code with Apple Wallet to Add the PassTest a pass on your iPhone – Click Here to Test – if you’re browsing this page with an iPhone, click for immediate installation.  If you’re using an iPad or Mac desktop/laptop, click and Continuity will kick in and save the pass.

Or scan this QR code with the Passbook app on your iPhone to see how the print access version works.

Include these links in your social media or search marketing, add the QR codes to any other print media advertising for agents that you produce (or give them the links and codes for their materials).

Prospects add the pass to their iPhone in two clicks.  Once they’ve added the pass, 90% of people do not delete them.  

You can update the listings, send out new info, specials, “hello” messages, you name it.

Once the pass is installed, you can update the passes with new info for your clients, convert the pass to a “business card” or send other promotional updates via the back of the pass.  Cross promote with other establishments!

Include live links to any website, offer giveaways or other incentives directly from the pass, and more.  

Passes are updated in real time.  So your information is pushed to the prospect as soon as you have updated.  Apple Watch owners get the updates directly to their Apple Watch.  iPhone owners get the information, including the live links, immediately, including lock screen notifications.

Nightclub Promoter App on iPhone