VIP Hosts, Nightlife Promoters, Concierge Services & Mobile Wallet Marketing

So, I wrote a Pulse entry on LinkedIn yesterday…  it was my first one, sort of off the top of my head, but not really, since the message is on point, and very clear.

In a super competitive space like high volume nightlife/entertainment venues in Las Vegas, Hollywood, and other hot areas, mobile wallet marketing is a SUPER way to make a lasting connection with clients – a connection that enables the club to engage and communicate with their base in a targeted environment – the smartphone – and to push relevant updates and information in real time.

What’s the big deal?  Well, if you’re a Vegas VIP host and you have a guest who shows up without telling you, you can make him THINK YOU KNOW that he’s arrived, for starters.  Nothing like using the geo-location messaging feature on our passes to pop a message welcoming him to town in the baggage claim at McCarran  😉

Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading the rest –

VIP Hosts, Concierge Services, Best Use of Mobile Wallet Marketing