More hosts and VIP promoters are streamlining their reach to clients and prospects by using a mobile strategy.

As mobile is more of dominant force, its essential today to develop a mobile journey for your clients to keep the engaged and appraised of nightly events.

To keep your clients update to date using a mobile strategy is easy to do. This of a mobile wallet pass as your digital megaphone without the obtrusive blare while it engages and informs.

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We’ve created the best marketing tips and tricks to use mobile wallet passes that makes it easier for Hosts and VIP promoters to extend their mobile reach.

People look at the their lock screen over 80 times a day – its easy to engage with them, here’s how:

Integrate your campaigns easily as digital wallet marketing when using mobile passes. What current ways do your promote yourself, with flyers, business cards, texting? This can all be streamlined into one mobile pass,

As the night progresses VIP promoters, BE SURE that passes have all your call-to-action (CTA) links, BE SURE that clients will call you before your competition by putting your email and phone number from the back of your clients mobile pass

Share the mobile wallet pass onto social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. VIP promoters can pass the pass from mobile to social fluidity.

When a promoter is standing out in front of the red velvet rope, your ability to talk up people to form new relations is vital part of the way you do business.

Take it a step further instead of handing out a business card, take it to mobile passing the pass from mobile to mobile. Simply click the share pass for options to add the mobile wallet pass to text, Airplay, scan QR codee, forward the URL. 

Engage with mobile updates to get your clients and prospects say up to date with the nights promotion. Once clients are passed the red velvet rope, engage with them further by creating a pass that will give them mobile offers.

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Mobile updates get attention, as over 80% of users check their lock screen per day. Be seen where people are looking and tell all your clients folling your from one night to the next.  Did I mention that its easy to change up campaigns from one night to the next? Because it is!

Talk to us about making the move to a mobile wallet pass to take your VIP promotion business to next level in engagement. Mobile wallet passes are used in a fluid manner in the hospitality, event venues and nightclubs to extend to a mobile reach.