Ok, wow.  How odd is this?  We snagged this article out of our newsfeed the other day, we were pretty much gobsmacked –

The Banks of Google, Facebook and Amazon

This was on the NextWeb, which is a pretty reputable source of tech news, but still, kind of crazy –

Does that headline excite you? Well, according to a recent study, there are a lot of you that would happily hand over the responsibility of keeping your money safe to either Google, Facebook or Amazon. But weirdly, not Apple?

Like seriously, the whole world has already given its’ collective set of credit card numbers to Apple for years and years, that’s they only way that iTunes works for buying anything, or the App Store.

Google, we can totally understand… it’s not like they don’t know what time you get up to pee in the middle of the night.

Amazon?  I suppose you trust them to deliver your three tubs of hair gel before the sun goes down, but that’s about as far as we’re taking it in our house.  Aside from storing everything I love to read on Kindle, of course.

And we only trust Facebook with the money that we pay them, and for the products we buy from them, which is advertising, straight up.  Pure and simple.  We know we’re the product when we’re using our personal accounts to knock around the net and see who has the craziest cat.