One of more popular products we have is our Podcast Marketer. Lately, we’ve been using the pass to engage with Youtube subscribers. 

A mobile wallet campaign drives your video traffic to any Youtube channel just like Facebook Live or Periscope does…

Youtube is blowing up right now, Here’s why:

Youtube has over billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of video.


Its growing fast as viewers each day increased by forty percent. They just released YouTube Live now to compete with other platforms. 

Develop a mobile wallet campaign that keeps subscribers coming back to your Youtube channel with easy to watch links and social sharing features.

We applied our mobile marketing strategy to drive traffic to Youtube channels.


  • Adopt more viewers using a mobile wallet campaign
  • Engage with viewers – inform them of your next video
  • Better mobile experience with watch links from our mobile wallet pass

A mobile wallet campaign uses social share features; encourage your viewers to share the latest episode directly through the watch links on the back of the pass.


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Here’s what Podcast Marketer pass looks like from Twitter:

Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast Marketer Mobile Update

Every mobile wallet campaign  has a share pass feature to all social media platforms. Share the pass with one tap from the back of the pass. Share the pass to Facebook or Twitter.


Mobile updates seen on the lock screen, notifies subscribers of the next episode of any Youtube channel. Here’s a recent mobile update:

mobile update on lock screen

Engagement to your Youtube subscribers is key element to a mobile wallet campaign. Hold onto your hard earned video traffic, as there’s over 1 billion views per day on Youtube from a mobile device. Keep subscribers returning to your Youtube channel by engaging with them using mobile updates.

Leverage your subscribers by giving them a better mobile experience. Watch links are effective way to promote your youtube channel with a mobile wallet campaign.


These are effective ways to drive your video traffic with mobile wallet passes. Now that you gain subscribers to your Youtube channel – hold on to them!


Just like our Podcast Marketer pass, a mobile wallet campaign provides a better mobile experience to keep subscribers coming back after much effort is spent to acquire them.